Real Results. Real Solutions.

Barbara Bollier has a proven record working across party lines to achieve common sense solutions. And, Barbara isn't afraid to stand up to the insiders in order to get the job done. In fact, when she fought against Sam Brownback's sales tax increase on our families, Brownback's allies tried to silence her by removing her from a committee. But, Barbara didn't back down. She's successfully continued her work to shine the spotlight on the problems in Topeka and to find solutions that put our families ahead of Topeka's politics.

Real Results.

Among her results, Barbara fought and won:

  • Significant budget reform. Barbara voted against deficit spending, and she fought successfully to implement a budget reform package that includes stricter debt control so state agencies cannot take on additional debt without legislative approval; stronger oversight of the budgeting process; and blocking Governor Brownback from entering into an unapproved $20 million financing deal.
  • Resolution to the school equity lawsuit. Barbara helped pass an education plan that held Shawnee Mission schools harmless and resolved the equity portion of the school finance lawsuit so that more of our education dollars can begin going to the classroom instead of the courtroom. This is a critical first-step toward developing a long-term solution that holds the state accountable to fund our local schools.
  • Increased government transparency. Barbara helped champion the Kansas Transparency Act which requires the legislature to live-stream committee hearings so that the debate and decision-making process is open and accessible to taxpayers.
  • Blocked the Governor's power grab. Barbara blocked Brownback's attempt to take over our Kansas courts by working with a coalition of Democrats and Republicans to vote down the Governor's judicial selection proposal, which would have inserted political corruption and cronyism into our court system.
  • Reformed the state's juvenile justice system. Barbara helped pass comprehensive reforms to reduce repeat juvenile crime and help rehabilitate low-risk juvenile offenders. She also voted for a plan to increase funding for the Kansas Highway Patrol, addressing the shortage in officers and allowing for 75 more troopers to be hired.
  • Safety precautions for our children. Barbara helped put new precautions in place this year to protect our children and our families, including more stringent background checks for child care workers to make sure registered sex offenders cannot work or volunteer in Kansas child care facilities. She also voted to give parents the option to place a freeze on their child's credit report in order to protect children from identify fraud or a compromise of their credit rating.

Real Solutions.

For Barbara, the priority is to make sure Johnson County remains the best place to live, work and raise our families. She will fight as our State Senator to:

  • Fund our Shawnee Mission schools and protect local control. Barbara opposed the Governor's block grant system because it fails to solve the school finance issue in our state. Barbara supports and helped draft the bill to increase the local option budget (LOB). She favors a new school finance formula that is fully funded and protects local control and flexibility. Barbara is endorsed by the Kansas National Education Association (KNEA), Johnson County Educators, and Game On for Kansas Schools for her pro-education record.
  • Fair Taxes. Barbara supports development of a fair tax plan that doesn't shift the tax burden onto our families and certain businesses while other businesses get a free pass. Barbara has opposed efforts to eliminate the mortgage deduction, which drives up the cost of homeownership; and she opposed eliminating the medical deduction, which drives up income taxes on seniors living in nursing homes. Barbara supports reducing or phasing out the sales tax on groceries, which helps reduce the burden on seniors and vulnerable families in addition to keeping our local economy competitive with neighboring states.
  • Responsible Spending. When it comes to spending, the state cannot continue to kick the can down the road. Barbara supports responsible spending and budgeting, including the creation of a Rainy Day Fund that will protect funding for our schools and essential services in the wake of a financial emergency.