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Dear Friends:

NOW is the time to vote! Kansas needs you to participate in our democratic society. Early voting locations are available at 6000 Lamar or at 96th and Metcalf in the Windmill Shopping Center. Remember to bring your ID! Voting on Tuesday, November 4t is at your regular polling location as listed on the card you received from the Johnson County Election office. Use your voice and vote!nd answer I would like to share here. To see the other questions and answers please visit my Issues page.

The Latest from Facebook

Below are listed the groups who have endorsed me. I have also included links to the Prairie Village Post articles that featured candidate answers to questions posed by the public. If you have questions about my position on any issue, feel free to e-mail me and I will answer.

The Kansas City Star
Kansas Families for Education
MainPAC Mainstream Coalition
Traditional Republicans for Common Sense
Overland Park Chamber Scorecard
Game On for Kansas Education Varsity Squad
Kansas Sierra Club
Kansas Society of Professional Engineers
Kansas Farm Bureau
Women for Kansas Grade A
Kansas Association for Fair Property Taxes
Johnson County Educators PAC Endorsement
Equality Kansas


Prairie Village Post articles:
School Funding
Budget Shortfall
Barbara vs. Opponent

Recent Opportunities
In addition to campaign work, I recently had the opportunity to spend the day at the Sprint Accelerator program and another day program on the Affordable Care Act; Progress and Perils. The Sprint Accelerator day was filled with presentations about entrepreneur work on items such as drones, Apple I-Pay, health aids, and future development of our infrastructure. The Kansas Health Institute program on the Affordable Care Act presented perspectives on the actual impact of the ACA on specific Kansans, in both good and bad way. Both days were highly inspiring and helped me see ways to improve what we do legislatively in Kansas. It made me hopeful that this upcoming session the legislature will try to work TOGETHER to find solutions to problems and that LISTENING and LEARNING will be a priority.

After the Election
Regardless of the outcome of the election, I remain your Representative for District 21 through the end of the year. With that in mind, I have scheduled two meetings to attend at the beginning of November. The first will be a focus on Medicaid and the second a Women In Government Leadership group. Upon returning my calendar is filled with local meetings, including various local government entities, Chambers of Commerce, and constituents. My work will continue on bills that did not pass last year but will be brought forward again, such as allowing alcohol to be purchased in grocery stores and finding solutions to the dental provider shortage in rural Kansas. If there are issues you want me to be aware of, PLEASE contact me so I can get to work now.

The opportunity to serve you as Representative is inspiring and challenging, and I am sincerely thankful for the confidence you have shown in me with your votes. We are blessed to live in one of the finest areas in the country, and it is a privilege to work to maintain that quality of life for all of us.



Rep. Barbara Bollier
State Representative, District 21
Kansas House of Representatives
6910 Overhill Road
Mission Hills,KS 66208-2769